My name is Jesse Parent and I am a lot of things.

I have maintained a Web page of one kind or another since 1995. Unfortunately with folks who get involved in the Internet, we seldom find time for our own projects. Social networking has allowed an easy way to communicate and keep in touch, so now itís time to use my Web site what most folks end up using it for: self promotion or as an online brochure.

I have been a professional improviser since 2001, first dipping my toe into the water in 1992 while in college. Iíve also been a performance poet since 2007, when I first competed in the National Poetry Slam. On top of that, I have worked as a software engineer since 1995, which pays the bills and keeps my left brain well fed.

My personal updates will continue to occur on social networks, but this Web site is meant to promote my art, my passion, and even my merchandise. Feel free to stay a while.

If you are looking to contact me on social networks, you can either contact me through my personal facebook page or my facebook fan page.

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